God Will Bless You

Psalm 23:5

Unfortunately, in this life we all have enemies, but the great news is … so did Jesus, so you are in great company! Although your enemies don’t want to see you win and they allow the devil to use them to achieve his demonic agenda to kill, to steal, and to destroy (John 10:10), God is making room for you. In fact, He is preparing a table for you specifically! But guess what, it will be in the presence of your enemies. You will sit at the table that God has prepared for you in perfect peace as your enemies watch you be blessed (Psalm 23:5).

So, don’t be moved by what your enemies do. Know that God will show up, shut it down, and show out on your behalf. You don’t have to say one word to your enemies. As you are blessed by God, your enemies will learn how powerful your God is and they’ll be forced to respect you (to fear you) even if they don’t like you (1 Chronicles 14:17). To God be the glory!!!

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