Blessed And Promoted

Daniel 1

In Daniel chapter 1, we see how God blessed and promoted Daniel, but only after he was tested.

Daniel was determined not to defile or pollute himself by eating the king’s food & drinking the king’s wine. He asked the chief of staff for permission not to eat these unacceptable foods. He even put himself on the line by suggesting that he & his friends be tested for 10 days on a vegetable & water diet alone, to see how they compared to the others who were eating the king’s food. This wasn’t just a physical gesture, but a spiritual decision where Daniel showed how to conquer a difficult trial and glorify God before others in the midst of testing.

We could learn a lot from Daniel & model our lives after his when we face trials & testing.

  1. Daniel purposed his heart. His heart was set. He made up his mind beforehand that he would not compromise even if everyone else was.
  2. Daniel found favor with his superiors because his life was positive.
  3. Daniel requested to be excused from the king’s table. His protest was courteous & his request was polite, showing discretion. Making a stand for Jesus doesn’t mean we must be obnoxious.
  4. Self denial was sought by Daniel & his friends. They knew this request would cost them, yet they were willing & prepared to face any adversity set before them.
  5. Daniel was bold. He was willing to put himself & his faith in God to the test.

Because of Daniel’s bold faith & his unwillingness to compromise on what he believed, God moved on his behalf.

  1.  God moved upon the chief of the eunuchs, & he consented to their request.
  2. God moved upon Daniel & his friends. Their features supernaturally appeared better & fatter eating vegetables and drinking water only.
  3. God moved & gave them knowledge & skill in all learning, & wisdom. Daniel also received the special ability to interpret the meanings of visions and dreams.
  4. God moved upon the king. He found Daniel & his friends 10x better than all the magicians and astrologers in his kingdom.

The same way God did it for Daniel, He can do it for you. Use the supernatural formula Daniel used, and God will move on your behalf too!

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