The Kingdom Kollection
Built By God, Standing On Faith!

My Crew Foil T-Shirt Worn by Dominique BrittonMy name is Dominique Britton and God calls me “The Trauma Specialist.” If you’re anything like me, you woke up one day and realized that your life no longer made sense and you began to question, how did I get here?

After dealing with a tremendous amount of betrayal; continuous heart breaks; a failing marriage; strife and contention within my family; distractions; a cycle of delay, setback, and stagnation; molestation; sexual, emotional, mental, and financial abuse; premature death and unexplained sickness on my bloodline; abandonment; rejection; poverty; and a lifetime of trauma, God opened my eyes to where I stood and where he called me to be.

I began my process of progressive deliverance where the Holy Spirit revealed many secret things the enemy hid from me. I discovered that an ancestral seed was planted at my foundation that was programmed to destroy my relationships, there was a demonic vow against my marriage, and the enemy had stolen my glory of marriage through a marine princess.

I also learned that the Queen of the Coast had been operating in my life for years based on a covenant made through furniture and statues that were dedicated to deities in my childhood home that represented an altar.

In one of my live deliverance sessions, I ended up on the floor with many spirits manifesting. In fact, they were screaming to the top of my lungs as they were being called out because they did not want to leave. A dog spirit had even been identified and manifested. This dog began to viciously bark in an effort to show it maintained ownership over me. I gave my life to Christ as a teenager, but my life and my deliverance proves that the devil and his demons can still operate in the life of a believer through ignorances to satan’s devices.

During my process of deliverance, I also learned that my glory had been stolen. In addition, my finances and my possessions had been stolen and transferred. Furthermore, people couldn’t see me to help or support me because of the layers of covering the devil had placed over me. And, the ultimate goal was to kill me. (Reference John 10:10)

Today, I am no longer bound. I now walk in deliverance, healing, and freedom. I have supernatural peace that surpasses all understanding. I even have the joy of the Lord, which is my strength. Moreover, I now have prophetic strategy and clarity on how to move forward in life and in my assignment to help other people permanently break free the devil’s grip and a lifetime of trauma.

As a result, I am no longer silent. I am a voice to the voiceless. I now walk in a bold faith and confidence that I did not have before. While I don’t know every aspect of what God is doing in my life, I am able to operate in the gifts and talents God placed inside of me because of the chains that have been broken off of me.

In early 2018, God gave me the vision for The Kingdom Kollection. God showed me how to share his Word through kingdom resources to help others like you go deeper with God and experience Him in a special way. With my Christian belief, my purpose is to spread the gospel about Jesus Christ and give God all the glory; to help people permanently break free from the chains of the devil; to help others grow in their relationship with God; and to help fund Kingdom Projects. So, thank you for your support and helping me to walk in the purpose God has for my life.