The Kingdom Kollection
Built By God, Standing On Faith!

Bobby and Dominique BrittonWe are Bobby and Dominique Britton, a Kingdom Kouple. We’re both from Jacksonville, Florida where we met in our AP English class during our senior year of high school. And before you think we were high school sweethearts, we were not. We actually never dated and God even took us to different places to attend college. And years later, we reconnected on Facebook, and were married in November of 2010.

But do you know, we didn’t get the fairy tale ending most people dream of when we got married? Life got real, really quick! We’d just moved to Atlanta, purchased our first home together, and had a 5 month old baby. Not even 2 months after our home purchase, Bobby lost his job. We were financially strapped for money which led to many arguments. We lost the intimacy in our marriage, and even experienced public infidelities that pushed us to the brink of divorce. The truth was, God was not at the center of our marriage.

Since then, God has delivered us, healed us, and restored our marriage. We’ve gone on to help other Kingdom Kouples use the tools God gave us to restore their marriages through counseling and marriage retreats. And in early 2018, God gave us the vision for The Kingdom Kollection. Together God showed us how to share his Word through daily scriptures and devotionals, kingdom apparel, kingdom journals, and other kingdom resources to help others like you go deeper with God and experience Him in a special way.

With our Christian belief, our purpose is to spread the gospel about Jesus Christ and give God all the glory; to help others grow in their relationship with God; to help restore Kingdom Marriages, and to help fund Kingdom Projects. So, thank you for your support and helping us to walk in the purpose God has for our lives.